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Château d´Angludet 2000 - Margaux

"Located on a broad gravel plateau, known as "Le Grand Poujeau", the Château d´Angludet dominates the lower lands of the Gironde estuary. Many gravels and stones, poor soil which can not retain water, deep rooted vines. All the conditions for succesful wines are gathered. On this sandy and gravely soil providing very good natural drainage, a factor that favours concentration in the wines, its great finesse and remarkable elegance, the vineyard at Château d´Angludet covers a contiguous area of 32 hectares. Today, the vines, which are 25 years old on average and planted at a density of 6.666 vines per hectare, have found their equilibrium in a blend of grape varieties consisting of: 55% Cabernet Sauvignon - 35% Merlot - 10% Petit Verdot. When Benjamin Sichel took charge of wine-making operations at Château d´Angludet in 1989, he set himself the task of optimising the vines´ natural balance. This aim continues to inspire the never-ending search for the best possible expression of Angludet´s extraordinary soil, which produces perfectly balanced wines with a finesse and complexity that only nature can create. Yields are limited to 45 hectolitres per hectare and all stages of production are geared to achieving this objective. In Benjamin´s view, the vine should regulate itself naturally, without any assistance. The grower is there to manage the equilibrium by providing the vine with the conditions needed to extract the best from the local soil. Technology should be discreet, limiting itself to serving nature. After all the work in the vineyard and the cellar, the next delicate stage takes place during February following the harvest. The best lots are then selected to be blended and become the Grand Vin of the new vintage. Perfect balance between fruit, structure, tannins and elegance requires very severe selection. Angludet´s great aromatic finesse becomes apparent from the 3rd year onwards and continues to develop for decades.

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