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Vine Hedvin Spiritus Øl Mjød Kaffe The Delikatesser Gavekort Erhverv Arrangementer Rengøringsprodukter
de Venoge ‘Louis XV’ Brut 1995

"This comes in a rather unusual bottle, complete with a cut glass stopper allowing you to convert it to a decanter once you have enjoyed the Champagne - and enjoy it you will. This is a richly biscuity Champagne with classic, yeasty, brioche aromas and a rich, citrussy palate. Roederer Cristal is undoubtedly ´flavour of the month´ but such demand puts pressure on what is a very finite supply, which is why they are offering ´99 at the moment; a cuvee that ideally needs at least another 5 years in bottle! This is significantly more evolved and subsequently, enjoyable."

Pris: DKK 1698.00 pr.fl. 75 cl.
Bestil:fl. 75 cl.

Angivne priser er DKK incl. 25,00% moms.
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