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de Venoge Vin Du Paradis

De Venoge has just revived a cuvée of champagne that dates back to the origins of the House. In effect, before champagne was only considered a wine of celebration, it was a table wine. Principally made of Pinot Noir grapes to give it body, it had a dosage sufficiently high to give it the roundness need at mealtime.

With the reproduction of the original label dating back to 1864 (the first colour label in champagne and, probably in all of France), the Dry de Venoge has rejuvenated this tradition with this original champagne, a blend of the top crus of Pinot Noir, balanced by a touch of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier to which a 20 gram of sugar dosage is added (about double of the Brut). It is a wine best appreciated with foie gras. with rich/creamy entrees; and with fruit desserts. Serve chilled but not too cold (8 degrees C.)

Pris: DKK 449.75 pr.fl. 75 cl.
Bestil:fl. 75 cl.

Angivne priser er DKK incl. 25,00% moms.
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