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Linkwood - 11 years - batch 4 - 51,2%

he Linkwood distillery was founded in 1821 in Speyside. It distilled tasty single malts and top whiskies for blends until 1971, which is where it gets a little confusing. In 1971, Linkwood was expanded with two more stills, although these stills actually belonged to a new distillery, which would be called Linkwood B. In 1985, Linkwood A (the original Linkwood) was closed down, making Linkwood B just Linkwood. It´s a different distillery, but it´s still Linkwood. Right? It´s a bit like that chap with the ship and had all its wood replaced. It´s the same ship, even though everything has been replaced. Right? The chap on the label is fixing a broom - the owner has had the same broom 20 years just with different heads and handles. It´s still the same broom, though. Right?

Tasting notes:
Nose: Apple pie, with vanilla ice-cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Palate: Butterscotch, malt loaf and milk chocolate is cut through by spicy woody tannins.

Finish: Black peppercorns crackles through a touch of banoffee pie.

Pris: DKK 524.75 pr.fl. 50 cl.
Bestil:fl. 50 cl.

Angivne priser er DKK incl. 25,00% moms.
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