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Glenglassaugh 1973 - 41 years - 44,5%, Massandra

Destilleret 1973. Aftappet 2014 fra Sherry puncheon

GlenGlassaugh has exclusively purchased a small quantity of casks from the Massandra winery in the Crimea, casks which had previously been used for maturing the very best wines from Massandra. Massandra is the oldest winery in the Crimea, having been built between 1894 and 1897, near Yalta, Crimea. Due to its location, the winery benefits from a subtropical climate and the protective shield og mountain chains, conditions which are perfect for the production of high quality fortified and dessert wines.

Some of our whisky has enjoyed a period of additional maturation, or finishing, in the various different casks from Massandra, with these wine casks dramatically evolving the flavour and style of the maturing whisky. These whiskies will be released on a limited basis as the exclusive Glenglassaugh ´Massandra Connection´ series.

Pris: DKK 10500.00 pr.fl. 70 cl.
Bestil:fl. 70 cl.

Angivne priser er DKK incl. 25,00% moms.
Forbehold for fejl, mellemsalg og afgiftsændringer.

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