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Daas Blonde

Daas Blond is an authentic Belgian strong golden beer. The honey spice aromas and perfect balance of bitter sweet flavours are followed by a classic dry hop finish.
Second fermentation occurs inside the bottle to mature and carbonate the beer naturally. Lightly chill before drinking.
Ingredients: Water, Malted Barley, Hops and Yeast. from organic farming
Daas Blond is certified gluten free. We use an advanced deglutenization process to retain the beer´s original full flavours.

Daas Blond is brewed purely from organic all-barley malts and is a live beer that pours a pale, hazy golden colour with a thinnish white head. It has an attractive aroma of toffee and honey complimented with a touch of spice and lively banana fruit esters. On the palate it is quite full and richly textured with coriander spice and cool lemony fruit. It also has some wheat beer characteristics with freshness and more than a little dry hoppy bite in the finish

Pris: DKK 29.75
+ pant 1.00
pr.fl. 33 cl.
NB! pris v/4 fl. 33 cl. kun 26.25
+ pant 1.00 pr. fl. 33 cl.
Bestil:fl. 33 cl.

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